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St Catherine’s Lighthouse, Isle of Wight

st catherine's lighthouse

St Catherine’s Lighthouse is situated at the southern most point of the Isle of Wight. The lighthouse was built in 1838 as a response to the wreck of the Clarendon in 1836, in which 25 people perished. The story of the wreck is worth reading for two strange coincidences that occurred. It can be read here on the ‘Back of the Wight’ website.

The unusual form of St Catherine’s Lighthouse is due to the fact that it was shortened by 13 meters when the original building became unstable. Like most lighthouses it is automated, with the last lighthouse keepers leaving in 1997. The full history of St Catherine’s Lighthouse can be read here, if you are interested! You can view the photograph full size on my Flickr  page by clicking on it.

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