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Sunrise on a Windy Day

Sunrise, Hastings Beach

The alarm going off an hour before sunrise. Forcing myself to shake off the desire to stay in the warm and go back sleep. Looking out the window to see if the skies look clear. Creeping about the flat trying not to wake the family up. Every noise from the kettle boiling to zipping up my coat sounding deafening in the quiet. Still deciding where to go as I get in the car.

Why do I do it? Because it’s great to watch the sunrise. You get to witness something different every time. There aren’t many people around. It’s free to park.

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2 responses to “Sunrise on a Windy Day”

  1. enman avatar

    Ahh… but getting up and out on a cold morning is hard. Good for you.

  2. […] photo was taken on the same day as the original Sunrise on a Windy Day, By the Seaside, and Hastings, Surfers […]

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