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Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh

Fairfield ChurchFairfield Church sits in the middle of a field, in the middle of Romney Marsh. In 1595 there used to be a village here named Fayrefelde but it has long gone. It’s rumored that the church was originally built in the 1200’s after a traveller (or the Archbishop of Canterbury) fell into a dyke and nearly drowned, but was saved after praying to Thomas a Becket.  It was rebuilt using some of the original timbers in 1913.Fairfield ChurchWhilst there are a few houses nearby, you still get how isolated the church was. Fairfield Church 5The church has no boundary or gravestones. Services are no longer held there, but it is still maintained by the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust. You can view some more pictures, including the interior here.

All of these photos can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.Fairfield Church 1

4 responses to “Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh”

  1. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    I caught a small pike in the dyke a few years ago, from roughly the place you have stood to photograph.

    The dyke used to be a popular place to fish, Jack Hargreaves, with his programme Out of Town [ITV ?thirty years ago],filmed there.

    Jack I recall was catching rudd or roach, but was pestered by a pike , but his attempts to catch it failed, which was lucky for the pike, because Jack was a bit of a pike killer.

    Interestingly as well, at the back of the church whre the dyke runs round, there was a small memorial …it was from the anglers daughter, and it said something like in memory of dad, this was his favourite fishing spot .

  2. compellingphotography avatar

    I missed the memorial, if it is still there. There was a large burnt log at the back which seemed out of place!

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  4. Nick Hudd avatar
    Nick Hudd

    This church is still active with regular worship. There has never been a village there and it is dedicated to Thomas Becket (sic). It is maintained by its parish.

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