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Firstly, thank you taking the time to look at Compelling Photography.

My name is Kieron Pelling. I live in Hastings. Most of the photos on Compelling Photography are based in or around Hastings and East Sussex, but also from my travels as my camera goes where ever I do.

This blog started out as a photography blog only, but I like also like to research the places I’ve visited. History has always interested me, so it’s good to combine the two.

The information that accompanies the photography is fact, where I can find it.

I really appreciate feedback as it’s good to know what people think of my photographs and the words I write. If the facts I’ve presented are wrong, please let me know! You can leave your thoughts through my social media outlets, detailed below.

If you have any queries please contact me by email on

You can also find me on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.