The View from the West Hill

View from the West HillThe West Hill in Hastings is an open space that separates the Old Town with the town centre. As well as the castle and smugglers caves, the hill was once the site of a windmill and used for farming.View from the West Hill

Now it is a pleasant green space that offers, as it always has, the best views of Hastings. Here a some photos of those views taken as morning showers left the town and headed over the channel.View from the West HillThese photographs can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.

Rain Approaches

When we arrived at the beach the weather was sunny but windy. Looking east towards Rye and beyond it was clear that they were getting a good soaking, but there seemed little danger of it moving my way. An hour or so later that changed. I’ve never seen such dark clouds. The front moved slowly but surely our way, so we moved slowly but surely back towards the car. (Click to enlarge)