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Dungeness Power Station

Dungeness Power Station

I’ve always liked this view across Rye Bay. It was taken from Rye Harbour, where the River Rother meets the sea. There is something about Dungeness Power Station sitting on the shore that has always drawn my eye to it.

It has a presence. The power it represents. The threat.

Living just 20 miles from it, my dad said it wasn’t worth worrying about whether it would ever explode as we would never know anything about it. Death would come quick. I was a child. I worried about it.

That was before Chernobyl.

Has there ever been a problem, we would have known about it. Death wouldn’t have been quick at all. It would have been slow, taking everything you know and love.

Only if the wind had been blowing in the wrong direction though.

I don’t worry about it now I’m grown up.

The light and clouds on this morning provided the view of Rye Bay and Dungeness Power Station with a suitably dramatic tone.



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