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Hastings Fishing Fleet

Hastings Fishing Fleet

Everyone* takes pictures of the Hastings Fishing Fleet, so here is one from me.

The boats that make up Hastings Fishing Fleet are registered to Rye as that town still has official port status. The RX signifies this. Hastings hasn’t been a port since the middle ages. Repeated raids by the French during the 1300’s meant that the town went into decline. The old port, which may have been where the present town centre is, slowly silted up after the St Lucia flood. This flood, caused by a great storm in 1287 had a huge effect on the coasts of England, Holland and Germany.

*By ‘Everyone’ I mean those that have visited Hastings, seen the fleet and taken a photo. You can click on this one to view larger on my Flickr page.

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    cracking composition.

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