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Romney Marsh Wind Turbines

The Romney Marsh Wind Farm opened in July 2009. There are 26 turbines that apparently generate electricity for 33,000 homes. I say apparently because wind power may not be as efficient as the power companies will have us believe, producing only 10{9bc1cc8a9198725c785dc299d4853e65ac3850b4f9eac8bd629e2a5d8cbd0524} of capacity one third of the time according to some recent research.

The siting of the turbines on the marshes was strongly opposed, for the reasons outlined in this excellent article, but the government got its way so up they went. They are now an unavoidable part of the marsh scenery.

They stand within sight of Dungeness Power Station which has electricity pylons marching in a straight lines across miles of the marsh. Neither the power station or the pylons can be considered attractive to look at.

In comparison the pylons seem much less industrial and a more natural fit to this landscape, even adding an interesting dimension to the flat marsh. They seem almost serene as the turbine blades rotate leisurely in the usually persistant winds that blow across the marsh.

2 responses to “Romney Marsh Wind Turbines”

  1. Steve Murphy avatar

    Not bad… I think it would work batter if you cut out some of the sky and put it into a panoramic format, just above where the sun has flared off the cloud gives it real impact.

  2. Steve Murphy avatar

    the rule of thirds is a good thing to remember with landscapes; leads to aesthetically pleasing photos. The rule is that you should aim for the focus to be in the lower third of the photo, in this case the wind-turbines.

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