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Rye at Dawn

Rye at Dawn

The rising sun gives the old stones of Rye Church and Ypres Tower a golden glow.

Rye is a lovely place with an interesting history.

This description of Rye on the Roads of Stone website is a good read for those who want to know more.

Click on the image to view full size on my Flickr page.

3 responses to “Rye at Dawn”

  1. Steve Murphy avatar

    Nice lighting, shame the sky isn’t so complementary… erhaps a few tweaks in photoshop or splice in a more dynamic sky?

  2. compellingphotography avatar

    Yes, there is a hint of colour on the clouds that could have been brought out a bit more by adjusting the exposure on a duplicate then merging the two. I might try that. The risk with using a different sky from another scene is unbalancing the photo, I like to keep it real as ,much as possible.

  3. David Hall avatar

    Sorry, hit the wrong button. This one is Stunning.

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