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Pylons in the Mist

Pylons in the MistI mentioned in my post about the Romney Marsh Wind Turbines that the pylons which carry the electricity generated by the Dungeness Power Station are not attractive to look at.

That’s probably not entirely fair, as some people like them enough to join an appreciation society. Pylons have been part of the scenery for years and cannot be ignored especially when they provide a nice perspective, running in long straight lines like they do on the marsh.

The mist was fast burning off when I was setting up to take this shot. I think it was taken at just about the right time, any earlier the pylons in the distance wouldn’t have been visible, any later the mist would have lost its softening effects. As a composition I had to choose whether to position the first pylon on the left or move it more central and show the wires disappearing out of shot. I took both shots and this one turned out best.

I shall no doubt try again on a clearer day to show the pylons disappearing into the distance.

5 responses to “Pylons in the Mist”

  1. mostlymonochrome avatar

    I like pylons but then I don’t live near any.

  2. compellingphotography avatar

    I used to think they were rockets when I was small.

  3. KatiesCameraBlog avatar

    Love this photo. Makes the pylons look less harsh.

  4. […] These pictures show the electricity pylons that march in a dead straight line for 7.1 miles. This long line of pylons has always drawn my eye when travelling across the marsh, and I have photographed it before as shown here. […]

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