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Stormy Weather

This week has seen the first really bad weather we have had for a while. It’s not been one long week of strong winds and rain though, there have been periods where the clouds have cleared and the wind dropped. It was during one of those periods that these were taken.

The wind wasn’t too bad at the time, but the waves rolling in were still quite impressive. The spray coming off the crest of the way was nicely highlighted by the sun which was slowly being obscured by the incoming rain.

To give an idea of how high the waves were, some of them were reaching the top of the Harbour Arm. In truth I’d hoped the winds would be stronger as the sight of them smashing onto the beach and Harbour arm is spectacular. I’ll have to wait for that though.

5 responses to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Nate avatar

    Love the water in that middle image. The way the wind sprays it off the top of the swell. Beautiful. Great capture.


  2. TBM avatar
  3. David Hall avatar

    You have captured those waves brilliantly. The lighting is beautiful also.

  4. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    The photos here capture the sea at Hastings during moderate wind conditions.
    Spectacular photos have been, and always will be taken of the sea crashing over the harbour during conditions that can only be decribed as extreme.
    What is needed is a high tide, and storm force winds, I have been on the beach on occasions when it is difficult to stand up, I remember taking photos myself a few years back, I crouched behind one of the fishing boats, sharing the shelter with my dog, and a small flock of turnstones.
    I am sure, when the correct conditions prevail, even more dramatic pictures will appear on this site.

    The pictures also show the remains of Hastings Pier, now burnt out, and derelict following a fire on 5/10/2010, but it could be saved by lottery funding!

    The Hastings Harbour, serves one useful purpose at least,as it does offer shelter to the fishing fleet, but the grandiose scheme to have a proper harbour, and thus a small port was doomed to failure for two principle reasons.A lack of funding, and a lack of knowledge of an ancient river bed, just off of where the harbour ends, this was some fourteen feet deep, and full of dense mud.
    The work began in May 1896, there was a stone laying ceremony in June 1897,pictures in the local museums show the Harbour with a small railway on top, and a train carrying dignitaries back and forth.
    It is believed only a very few ships ever discharged their cargo and work stopped in late 1897.

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