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The Castle from Hastings Station

In my last post I said that the castle is one of the key visual features of the town. Visitors travelling by train are greeted with this scene as they exit the station. It almost sums up Hastings in one view with the fishing boat, the castle and a mix of modern and old buildings. I have omitted the ugly 70’s office block (which is where I work) that is just to the right of this view!

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  1. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    The old station approach did nothing to enhance the towns charm, but since the new station was built,followed by the new college building,the whole area has taken a turn for the better, especially if your eye is not drawn to the ugly 70s office block mentioned above.

    It was a fantastic idea to place a fishing boat outside the station, the RX 53 named the Dorothy Melinda was I think built in Newhaven in 1958,and would have been a working fishing boat until a few years ago.
    A lot of the Hastings boats have been lost, that is broken up, or left to rot, this is because of the decline of the local fishing industry.

    RX…..all boats have to be registered at a port, our nearest port is Rye, so the R stands for Rye, and the X for Sussex, most of our boats are RX, but the are also boats on the beach NN…Newhaven, or CF …Cardiff

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