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In the danger zone…

Studies (here and here) have shown that living within 600m of electricity pylons increase the risk of leukaemia. The 2005 study shows that as at 2005 4{9bc1cc8a9198725c785dc299d4853e65ac3850b4f9eac8bd629e2a5d8cbd0524} of children in England and Wales live within the 600m range, which could mean that 1{9bc1cc8a9198725c785dc299d4853e65ac3850b4f9eac8bd629e2a5d8cbd0524} of all reported childhood leukaemia cases could be attributable to the power lines. That is a small amount, but statistically significant. This has all been reported in the press, to varying degrees of accuracy and occasionally blown out of all proportion like in this article. So there is an interesting fact about power lines.

I took these photos whilst trudging back to my house after taking the pictures of the snow in my last post. Strangely, whilst I know there is very little risk to me, there is something a little unsettling about the low and steady hum that the power lines emit…


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    Wicked photo…thanks for liking my post.

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