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The Mouth of the River Rother

The River Rother originates in Rotherfield and flows for 35 miles through Kent and East Sussex. It meets the sea here at Rye Bay. It’s a lovely place to be on a day like this.

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    Mick Pelling

    This is where today, the Rother meets the sea,about a mile or so from the village of Rye Harbour.

    Once the Rother entered the sea at what is now New Romney, I have referred to the “Great Storm of 1287” previously….see comments on “two views of Hastings.”

    This storm was of unimaginable size and power , so much shingle, mud, rocks was displaced that the course of the Rother was altered,and it began to flow into the sea near to Rye Town.

    A church at New Romney , which still stands and is still in use, was one day on the shoreline, and the next some distance from the sea.Some pillars in the church are stained,remarkably still showing the height of the flooding.

    Romney, like Hastings ceased to be an effective member of the Cinque Ports from that time, as it no longer had a harbour.

    The point where the Rother meets the sea, has over the centuries moved further and further southwards, as overtime, the sea has receded and shingle has built up.
    To highlight this, on a visit to Rye Harbour you can see a Martello Tower,which was part of our defences against Napolean,and a Watch House, used by Revenue Officers to guard against smugglers.
    Both of thesE buildings would have been roughly on the shoreline in 1805

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