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The Snow

It doesn’t often snow where I live, so when it does people like to take advantage and do all the sledging and snowballing they can before it melts. That meant that there were about 3000{9bc1cc8a9198725c785dc299d4853e65ac3850b4f9eac8bd629e2a5d8cbd0524} more people in my local woods than normal. I felt slightly aggrieved that these people were out in my woods making noise and trampling the snow into ice. Then I remembered that I don’t own the woods, and that they had the same right as me to be there. Anyway, after a fair amount of walking I managed to get away from the shouting and screaming, and took these.

5 responses to “The Snow”

  1. Ro avatar

    I like these a lot – the reflections in the first picture particularly – did you actually take them in black and white or is it the “natural” colours?

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      The stream is pretty muddy, so acted as a good contrast to the snow. They are the natural colours, not black and white!

  2. Dounia avatar

    Beautiful photos – I love the reflections in the first one, and the intertwining branches in the second one look magical with the snow on them.

  3. […] took these photos whilst trudging back to my house after taking the pictures of the snow in my last post. Strangely, whilst I know there is very little risk to me, there is something a little unsettling […]

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