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A view across Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

This view is looking east, close to Castle Water. This land is part of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, a large reserve that can be viewed on Google Maps here. To the left of the fence is a chemical plant, from which some sweet smells waft across the reserve when the wind is right. An accident at the plant in 2009 saw 360 tonnes of flamable chemicals spill out after a storage tank collapsed. Sadly no mutant superheroes have appeared as the result of the accident.

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  1. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    Castle Water, and the lakes nearer the sea shown on google maps were gravel pits, and were worked until 1970, or so.
    Castle Water, or as is still known affectionately by older anglers as Johnny Carters, after the firm that worked the pit,was a popular fishery, jointly rented by the Clive Vale and Rye fishing clubs.

    A rich man, Norman Jones bought the entire site once gravel extraction had ceased.
    Mr Jones used to land a small sea plane on the area of water near to Camber Castle, and he also had a grass airstrip for a small single engine plane he owned.
    I think the “authorities” put paid to his flying !
    Mr Jones still allowed fishing and for ten pounds per year we could fish the entire pit.

    After his death the Sussex Wildlife Trust purchased the land, including Camber Castle, and emphasis is now on flora and fauna. There website will tell you in detail what can be seen, and how to see it.The SWT renamed the area “Castle Water”

    The foreground of this picture shows shingle, the shingles prescence is a clear indication that the area was once beneath the sea.

  2. visionsofthephoenixpark avatar

    A really beautiful part of the world.
    I have only ever visited twice and both times were to visit a music festival in the Camber Sands resort.
    I did however visit Rye a few times and its just one of the most picturesque villages I have ever seen.
    Lovely capture by the way

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Thanks visionsofthephoenixpark!

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