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Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Bodiam Castle, built in 1395 is another reminder that the landscape in East Sussex used to be much different. It was built to protect from French raids up the River Rother, when the river was navigable up to that point. It is a lovely ruin and has been photographed beautifully by many people, as a Google image search reveals. I didn’t want to take a generic photograph of the castle, so I’m pleased that the Google search, at least on search page 1, doesn’t have a similar photograph! Do they work as a composition though? Your opinions would be welcome!Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

*These images are revisions of the ones I originally posted. I’d neglected to flip the photos round so that Bodiam Castle was orientated correctly and it always bothered me. I’ve corrected that now. You can view these full size on my Flickr page by clicking on the photograph.

5 responses to “Bodiam Castle”

  1. Steve Barnes avatar

    These are both great! I lean more to the first, if I had to choose one. It’s a great castle! I must head back over there one day soon!

  2. compellingphotography avatar

    Thanks for the comments, Maenamor and Steve

  3. KatiesCameraBlog avatar

    Love your take on this! I really like the first image. 🙂

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Thank you Katie. The first one is the better one.

  4. Ro avatar

    I love them both and the first is more compelling (excuse pun) but the second has it charms; to me it looks as if I am viewing (from an underwater position) a castle which has partially sunk into the lake and I can see the distorted towers through the surface of the water above me.

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