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In my local park the ducks are always bullied out of getting bread by the seagulls. It’s different inland at Bodiam Castle, here the ducks are the alpha bird and dozens of them gather around visitors with bread to throw at them. Just look at how intense that stare is.


These ducks were sat on a raised area, so the moat between the bank and the wall cannot be seen. These ducks weren’t interested in being fed. I suspect they had been gorging all morning as the weather was good and there were plenty of visitors.

Here’s a thing I read about ducks, and I’ve never been able to look at one since without noticing. Ducks wear dog masks. If that doesn’t make sense, this graphic explains it perfectly…

8 responses to “Focus”

  1. Bill Chance avatar

    There are ducks all around our house (we live on Duck Creek) – and now I’ll be looking for their dog masks all the time.

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Sounds like a nice location! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

  2. Ro avatar

    So they do! I hadn’t realised either but from now on I shall!

  3. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    Despite having it explained to me, I am not convinced about the dogs masks.

    Ducks though, are generally as greedy as dogs, the ones at Bodiam often do battle with the fish to get to the food offerings.

    The ducks are quite determined, often treading on top of the carp to be first to the bread.It is quite a sight.

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Keep looking, you’ll see. But what is beneath the masks?

  4. remklov avatar

    Very intense duck!

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Yes, he was about to launch himself at that bread. I dropped it just before he took part of my finger with it.

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