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Hastings Pier, part 2

Hastings Pier

In it’s 1970’s heyday Hastings Pier had a steam boat still gave tourists trips from the end of the Pier, a theatre, concert hall, amusements and a zoo. According to the Hastings Chronicle, when the zoo was closed a charity brought some of the animals including 10 hens and 20 rats. You can tell it was a good zoo. Hastings Pier also played host to some of the great music acts including the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd.  It has also featured on some more recent music videos including Ash’s “Tracers” and Kingmaker’s “Queen Jane”.

These pictures show the damage caused by the fire to Hastings Pier’s top surface, and the intricate ironwork that makes up it’s structure. Although taken at midday, there was sufficient sea mist to create some nice sunrays through the gaps in the wood work.Hastings Pier

4 responses to “Hastings Pier, part 2”

  1. davidoakesimages avatar

    Piers…we never treat them as the valuable monuments that they are

  2. compellingphotography avatar

    Thank you for the comments David and Maenamor. Sadly the amount of money required to maintain these old structures is hard to come by.

  3. Ro avatar

    really atmospheric, and filled me with a quiet melancholy.

    However, if the Health and Safety Police had caught you Actually Underneath A Dangerous Structure When You Had Been Warned, I dread to think what they might have done!

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      I didn’t see the numerous big red warning signs.

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