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Pett Level

A man searches for lug worms as the sun rises over Pett Level beach. The darker areas in the foreground are the fossilised remains of a 6,000 year old forest.

4 responses to “Pett Level”

  1. Steve Barnes avatar

    Great photo! I’ve always had a thing for images where there’s a person very small in a larger environment. Good one! And that is pretty fascinating, the fosilised forest. Where exactly is Pett Level? East Sussex is my home ground, but I hate to admit I’ve never heard of this area!

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Thanks. Pett Level is between Fairlight and Rye Harbour, and off of the main roads. It’s worth visiting if you are in the area, it has a nice sandy beach when the tide is out…

  2. Mike avatar

    I like it – subtle colors, and the composition where neither the man or the sun is at the center.

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Thank you for the kind comment Mike.

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