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No. 1 London Bridge

No. 1 London Bridge sits right on the Thames, by London Bridge of all places. I normally walk by without giving it too much attention, and although the design is unusual I don’t really like it. On this occasion however I walked past it on the opposite side of the street  that I normally do and noticed the reflection of the bright blue skies and skyline.

I think I missed the best place to photograph this building however, I like the view that this photographer chose.

5 responses to “No. 1 London Bridge”

  1. davidoakesimages avatar

    Love your images of this piece of modern building…..I like much of what is being built for style but somehow fear it will not stand the test of time as many classic older buildings do.

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      I too wonder how these buildings will be viewed 100 years+ down the line, I imagine the best will still be here and the mediocre torn down and rebuilt. I can’t imagine many of them having the long term appeal of a great cathedral or castle.

  2. Ro avatar

    I like the top one best – especially the random views in the 4 lowest little windows. Although they must all be facing the same way each row seems to reflect a completely different building!

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Its the one I prefer the most too, for just those reasons.

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