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Silver Birches at Mallydams

Silver Birches in Black and White

Walking through the woods the other day I thought that these densely packed silver birches might make an interesting picture. It was overcast so there was not a great deal of colour to bring out in the composition. So I converted the picture to black and white and ramped up the contrast to add some depth. I’m not sure if it works as a composition, what do you think?

This was taken at Mallydams Wood, the RSPCA Wildlife Centre.

9 responses to “Silver Birches at Mallydams”

  1. Ro avatar

    Interesting textures but for me it lacks a central point of focus….

  2. John avatar

    I’m of two minds. Part of me think it works, because it’s a true representation of the subject (WYSIWYG), and, I happen to like tress as photography subjects. But, then, like Ro says, there’s not a central point of focus. I wonder if a muted color would help…

  3. davidoakesimages avatar

    Some time a centre of focus isn’t needed when you have a wall of texture….I like but as John says may be a colour tint might help

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      Thanks for the feedback Ro, John and David. You all make good points, I hadn’t considered using a colour tint, but will experiment with that in the future.

      1. davidoakesimages avatar

        The important thing is ….if you like an image and it does what you want, thats all that really matters.

  4. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    The texture of the bark has been captured, my concern and it might be my eyesight, is that it is not pin sharp,

    1. compellingphotography avatar

      It seems ok to me, try refreshing the page perhaps the image didn’t download correctly.

  5. mikeosbornphoto avatar

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