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Strong Winds 2

Following the photos I took in my last post, I walked closer to the Harbour Arm. Here the incoming waves are forced into the dead end it makes and increase in size and force, creating the drama seen here.

6 responses to “Strong Winds 2”

  1. Steve Barnes avatar

    Now that looks like a windy day!

  2. Ro avatar
  3. davidoakesimages avatar

    I can taste the salt spray….wish I was there

  4. andyo1976 avatar

    Love these Storm shots, I took my self and the “Jack” of to Hove seafront sunday morning to capture some of the storm that lashed the coast last week, only to be disapointed. I got very wet, the wind had dropped, the sea had calmed down, so I buggered off home…
    Andy O.

  5. sideways14 avatar

    Now those are good shots – particularly the first one!

  6. compellingphotography avatar

    Thanks for looking Andy & Sideways!

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