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Bayham Abbey

Bayham Abbey, near Lamberhurst, Kent was founded by Robert Thornham in about 1200 and ‘suppressed’ by Henry VIII in 1538. The ruins were romantically landscaped by the prolific 18th century landscape gardener Humphry Repton whose other work include the Brighton Royal Pavilion, Longleat House and Woburn Abbey.
You can still get a feel for how impressive the building would have been, despite its condition now. Set in a quiet valley within manicured grounds, it is a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon. It was midday and bright sunshine when I visited so I decided to process these photographs in black and white, using a demo version Silver FX Pro 2.
The tree in the distance is growing over the wall, and the roots are enmeshed in the stonework as can be seen in this photo.

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  1. MICK PELLING avatar

    Black and white photography, should not be looked upon as old hat, I believe B and W often enhances an image, by adding atmosphere and mystery .
    The first picture here with the ruins showing against the sky is a good example.

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