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Fairfield Church, Romney Marsh part 2

I’ve posted about this church before, so won’t go over what I said there. On this visit some people were already in the church when I arrived, they had taken the key to the church from the nearby house. They gave it to me so I could lock up after I was done there.

The enclosed pews are unusual and make the church feel even smaller than it is. Various quotes from the bible adorn the walls. When the church was rebuilt, they used as many materials from the previous structure. The bulk of these were clearly the internal beams and wood work, and you get a sense that the church is older on the inside than it is on the outside.

It’s a strange and unique place.

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  1. […] The church has no boundary or gravestones. Services are no longer held there, but it is still maintained by the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust. You can view some more pictures, including the interior here. […]

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