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Red Arrows, Hastings 2012

The Red Arrows came to Hastings for the first time in 25 years as part of Pirate Day. There aren’t enough superlatives for the Red Arrows, but they seemed even better flying above the Old Town in the clear blue sky. (Click to enlarge)

3 responses to “Red Arrows, Hastings 2012”

  1. Ro avatar

    great pix, not easy when they are moving at such speed.

  2. Mick Pelling avatar
    Mick Pelling

    There are still a few things left that make us proud to be British

  3. allen avatar

    I remember watching the red arrows when i was little, i used to be so excited. We would go to the west hill, or near the pier and wait for ages for them. When i came down for Pirate i was a bit ‘done that seen this’ about it all but was happy that i had taken my son to see it. however when the flew over for the first time my jaw hit the floor and i became 5 years old again. They were awesome even if it is the same show every time!

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