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Albert Dock, Liverpool

I briefly visited Liverpool and stayed in a hotel within the Albert Dock buildings, the worlds first non combustable warehouse complex. What was once on the cutting edge of commerce and trade is now a UNESCO world heritage site, with museums, expensive looking restaurants and shops.

Nothing portrays how much a city can change than buildings converted from their original use. The décor of the hotel I stayed at  blended the old architecture with modern facilities. Great iron doors were present in hallways and stairwells throughout. The exposed brick and iron work add to the hotel’s character. It’s much more interesting than the standard bland Premier Inn.

It made me wonder if the architects of the dock could ever have imagined what their innovative buildings would end up being used for? Did these men think that the age of the British Empire would go on forever, and with it endless trade? What would they think of the world now if they were able to see it?

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