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East Hill Cliff Railway

Hastings Cliff RailwayThe Cliff Railway on the East Hill, Hastings opened on 9th April 1903. According to this website, the town’s unemployed men helped to build it. With an incline of 1:1.28 it is the steepest cliff railway in Britain. Originally the lift operated on a water balance principle but was modernised to an electric winch in 1976.  It was thoroughly refurbished over a two year period and reopened in 2010. The lift takes people from the Old Town up to the East Hill and back down again. The East Hill offers great views over the Old Town as well as access to the Hastings Country Park.

Hastings Cliff Railway

 The first image is a reflection caught in the window of the building overlooking the Stade Open Space. I like how the reflection seems almost like a framed photograph. The second image is the commonly photographed view of the cliff railway which shows how steep the incline is.

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  1. mick pelling avatar
    mick pelling

    I like the reflection, being in the right place etc.
    Only the steepest, because two others have closed, Broadstairs and Margate were steeper.

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