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RX150, one of the Hastings Fishing Fleet

Hastings Fishing Fleet

The beach that Hastings Fishing Fleet occupies offers all sorts of photo opportunities, which is why loads of photographers go down there. On this morning I noticed that this boat, RX150 or ‘Roy’s Boys’, was connected to the winch cable. I thought it would be interesting to take the shot looking down the cable.

RX150 took part in the Queens River Pageant as part of her Diamond Jubilee, as can be seen here and here, complete with a Cinque Ports standard.

For those interested I turned the camera around so you can see the winch house. Both photos can be viewed full size in Flickr by clicking on them.

One response to “RX150, one of the Hastings Fishing Fleet”

  1. mick pelling avatar
    mick pelling

    Yes the RX 150 did take part in the Queens Pageant.
    Strangely it was re painted afterwards, it looks pristine now.

    There is another RX150 outside of the Fishermen’s Museum, this is the Grace Georgina, now decommissioned. In 1988 fisherman Darren Fox was washed overboard, and drowned, this RX150 is a memorial.

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