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St Leonards Sunrise

Driving down to the seafront at St Leonards last week I arrived just in time to see and photograph the sunrise. It was nice to see the sun after the dismal weather in recent days. These were taken a a few minutes apart and in slightly different locations. The sun rises too quickly when you are trying to photograph it. In some ways I’m too focussed on the camera to actually appreciate what is unfolding. I guess you either take a photograph or sit back, take it in and  record it only in your memory. (Click the pictures to view in Flickr)

4 responses to “St Leonards Sunrise”

  1. mick pelling avatar
    mick pelling

    excellent, the right place at the right time.

  2. enmanscamera avatar

    well done. the colours are just right to tell the story.

  3. Becky Farrelly avatar
    Becky Farrelly

    Beautiful pictures. oving the Sunset and the storm. Keepit up.

  4. Compelling Photography avatar

    Thank you for the nice comments!

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