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Hastings Old Town from the West Hill

Hastings Old TownThe West Hill is the sandstone wedge the separates Hastings Old Town from the town centre. The clouds bearing the overnight rain was moving away over the channel, and the temperature had dipped. These two photos were taken in between drinking hot coffee from my flask. The one above was the later shot taken shortly before the sun crested the clouds. I was fortunate that a couple of small fishing boats had launched to provide some movement in the shot.

Photos of Hastings Old Town taken in 1920 and 1929 make an interesting comparison. The Harbour Arm, partially blown up to prevent use as a German landing site during World War 2, is intact. There is less shingle build up on the right of the Arm, and there is a great deal less infrastructure on the beach front. The circles on the beach are the marks left by the ponies that were used to operate the winches to haul the boats on to the beach. The scenes are different, yet comfortingly familiar to me as a resident. You can view both of these photographs of Hastings Old Town full size by clicking on them.

Hastings Old Town

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    what a nice place. Great photos. And..thanks for the info about a place I knew nothing about.

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