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Hastings Fishing Fleet

 Hastings Fishing FleetIn August 2012 the fisheries exploited by the Hastings Fishing Fleet were re-certified as sustainable and well managed by the Marine Stewardship Council.  It common sense that fisheries should be sustainable, but short term financial gain counts for more in some parts of the world. According to the WWF over 70{9bc1cc8a9198725c785dc299d4853e65ac3850b4f9eac8bd629e2a5d8cbd0524} of fish species caught on the planet will be depleted by 2048 if current fishing practices don’t change.

Fishing has been a key industry for Hastings for centuries and some of the fishermen can trace their history back to the Norman Conquest. Current EU regulations highlighted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight may have put the future of the fleet at risk. His campaign appears to have successfully prompted the EU to look at revising the Common Fisheries Policy at the heart of the problem.

So it’s good news that the fish caught by the Hastings Fishing Fleet can be eaten knowing that the only thing you are contributing to is the local economy. There are many fine outlets in town that sells locally caught fish including restaurants like, Webbes Rock-a-Nore and Whites Seafood and Steak Bar. Alternatively you can take it home with you after purchasing from the Hastings Fish Market the use the Hastings Fish Cook Book to create a meal yourself.

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