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A panoramic picture of Hastings

Panoramic Picture


This panoramic picture was put together using eight different photos. For those not familiar with Hastings allow me to be a guide.

The view is from the Harbour Arm, looking north. The Fishing Fleet is to the right and the East Hill can be seen rising above the Stade. The hill on the far right is part of Hastings Country Park. The blue and red building is the lifeboat house. The hill behind it and ending with the cliffs to the left is the West Hill. On top of those rocks is Hastings Castle. Below the castle is Hastings Town centre. On the far left is Hastings Pier.

The image above is of course too small to see properly. You can view it on my Panoramio page by clicking on the image, and there you’ll be able to zoom in and pan around.

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