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Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier


Like the Harbour Arm, Hastings Pier is also under constant pressure from the sea. Yet although the pier seems much frailer than the solid concrete harbour arm, it relies on clever design rather than brute strength.  The core structure of the pier has stayed pretty strong since it’s construction in 1872.

In its original design the end nearest the shore was forked. This design helps to break up the waves during heavy seas. The architect, Eugenius Birch, created a screw system to ensure that the pilings provided the strongest support for the structure. He applied it in all of the 14 piers he designed.

In 1898 Hastings Pier produced a net profit of £3612,. 3s 9d which is roughly the equivalent of £360,000 in today’s money. Could that happen after the pier reopens in 2014? Any profit would be a great achievement.

Hastings Pier is looking for sponsors to help support its redevelopment. You can adopt a plank by clicking on this link.

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