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Rye Harbour Entrance Panorama

Rye Harbour


Regular readers will have noticed that I’ve been producing a number of panoramic pictures recently and the latest is of Rye Harbour, where the River Rother meets the sea.

With normal aspect photographs the framing of the shot focussed the viewer on to the subject the photographer wants you to see. With a panorama you get to see an image that displays the landscape presented in the way you would see it if you were there.

When viewing this image of Rye Harbour in Panoramio, you can zoom and pan around to pick out the details that go unnoticed when viewing the photo as a whole. That add a layer of interactivity not present with other photographs. That’s not to say one is better than the other, but it is something different.

In this photo there are a number of things to spot including a World War 2 bunker and a bin looking out of place. There are also a couple of glitches that occurred during the photo merge process that I didn’t pick up when finishing the photo off. Can you spot them?

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