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Hastings Old Town Panorama

Hastings Old Town Panorama

Hastings Old Town is nestled in a valley between two hills. The stream that shaped the valley, known as the Bourne, cannot be seen as it was covered over between 1820 and 1840. The course of the stream can be seen if you look at the A259 as it runs through Hastings Old Town.

Even as a resident who has seen this view of Hastings Old Town when walking over the West Hill many times, I still think that the view is very picturesque. This day was clear and sunny so I took a seat on one of the benches and took a series of 16 photos, then blended them together to make this one.

The hill opposite is the East Hill which can be accessed by climbing the numerous steps up or by ascending in the East Hill Cliff Railway. The hill forms part of Hastings Country Park that extends from town along the coast to Fairlight. The large black building in the centre is the Jerwood Gallery. On the beach can be seen the Hastings Fishing fleet and the Harbour Arm.

It is worth viewing on my Panoramio page as you can click and zoom about and see the image in full detail. Just click on the photo to be taken there. You can almost imagine that you are actually sat on the bench, breathing in the sea air and looking down on Hastings Old Town.

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