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Sculpture at St Pancras Station by Paul Day

Sculpture at St PancrasThe sculpture at St Pancras station is a fantastic piece of work. It has been created by artist Paul Day, whose other work includes the Battle of Britain monument and Queen Mother Memorial in London.

The work series of panels that depicts events associated with stations and railways. Each panel is beautifully carved and has a great sense of depth. Stations are all about arrivals and departures, and those often involve either joy and sadness. The sculpture at St Pancras coveys these emotions.

The panel above sums up the theme perfectly. The soldiers departing seem full of enthusiasm and hope. Those waving goodbye are tearful, whilst wounded soldiers returning from the front shuffle past them.

Called ‘The Meeting Place’ the 9 metre high main statue dominates the upper platform of St Pancras. It was installed in 2007, and the frieze added a year later

Sculpture at St Pancras

The panels shown here are a selection of the entire work. The frieze extends all the way around the base of the statue, each panel seamlessly merging with the next. Each scene is deserving of several minutes attention.

Sculpture at St Pancras

Paul Day’s original designs for the frieze include several steamy embraces and a skeleton driving a train. This typically alarmist Daily Mail article shows the ‘controversial’ draft work that was done. Those plans were revised and toned down.

Sculpture at St Pancras

The detail is incredible, each face full of expression and the crease of clothing picked out. I’m grateful that my colleague showed me this on the way back from a meeting, otherwise I would have missed it.

Sculpture at St Pancras

The whole sculpture is in bronze. When processing the pictures I felt that the photos would work better in black and white. You can view each photo full size by clicking on them. Your browser will open up a new window that shows the photo on my Flickr page.

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