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Grass and Sky

Grass and SkyThis photo of grass and sky was taken whilst walking over the hills that over look the Cuckmere Estuary. It didn’t really fit into that post so I thought I’d leave it for another time. Walking up the hill, the sun came out, highlighting the parched grass. This made a great contrast with the unusual cloud formations that were above.

Sometime when writing posts, it’s not always easy to come up with a topic for an image. However some text content is required for a post to appear on an internet search. In the vast space of the internet, Search Engine Optimisation is the beacon that attracts visitors. The trick is to find a key word, that many people search for. That key word needs to be repeated in a post several times.

But to make the post relevant to the search, the image should relate to the key word, otherwise site visitors will quickly click away.

Grass and Sky is my key word today.

According to Google, there are about 390 monthly searches for the phrase ‘Grass and Sky’. That’s not many, but better than none. The searches are mainly for wallpapers or Photoshop backgrounds.

I searched Google for Grass and Sky, just to see what appeared. Links to images mainly. What did catch my eye was a page for a Natural Welly Duckling – Grass and Sky. Turns out that is a fairly cute wooden duck wearing wellies sold by a company named DCUK. So that was nice.

Will anyone find this page after searching for Grass and Sky? Time will tell…

If you like the photo, you can view it full size by clicking on it.

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