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Bodiam Castle Reflected

Bodiam Castle ReflectedI visit Bodiam Castle frequently as my daughter likes it there. I normally have my camera with me, but struggle to come up with photographs that are different from what I’ve taken before. Long term readers of this site will have seen a few that I’ve taken, and the related posts suggested below will take you to them if you are interested.

Recently I have been experimenting with the photomerge process that Photoshop offers. This enables the stitching together of several photographs. It is particularly useful for panoramic pictures, but can also be used when photographing large objects.

Sometimes a single frame shot isn’t enough to get everything you want into it. You may back up as far into a bush as you can, or lie in an awkward position but still not be able to get the whole scene in. There are some cameras that have special lenses that can expand the field of view, but my camera is not one of those.

So photomerge can allow you to take more than one shot, then stitch them together to make the photo you intended to take.

This is how it was with this photo, which is a photomerge of six different shots. It enabled me to capture the castle and its reflection in its entirety. I’m pleased to say that on a Google image search for Bodiam Castle Reflected, there is no other photograph that is taken from the same position as this.

The day this was taken on was overcast and I thought converting it to a black and white high contrast image would improve it. That conversion also helps the two people in the doorway look a little more spooky too.

This photograph of Bodiam Castle Reflected can be seen full size by clicking on it.


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