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Hastings Beach at Low Tide

Hastings beach at low tide 1These photographs of Hastings beach at low tide were taken in 2011. I haven’t been able to take many photos recently so I’ve started trawling through old photos to see if any are better on a second viewing. I should be more disciplined at deleting unused photographs. The space on my hard drive is decreasing, and there are a lot of photographs that aren’t very good on there.

Sometimes my procrastination about hard drive housekeeping has an upside. Quite often, when you are reviewing a large batch of photographs there are one or two that stand out. These can outshine other worthy photos in the batch. I skipped over these two initially but think they are worth posting on here.

The beach at Hastings is mainly shingle, but at very low tide there is plenty of sand to enjoy. The seagulls love low tides, as they can scavenge for food like their ancestors did. For a time they probably feel like real birds, rather than the low rent thieves they become around humans and their waste.

The top photograph shows the Harbour Arm and the castle rocks. The castle rocks are what remains of the cliffs that toppled into the sea during the great storms of the 12th century. On top of the cliff was Hastings Castle, and about half of it fell into the sea as well. These rocks now make interesting rock pools, where gulls and children alike can poke around for sea life.

If you click on either of these images of Hastings beach at low tide you can view them on my Flickr page.

Hastings Beach at Low Tide

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