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The Flats along Bexhill Seafront

Bexhill SeafrontWe have had weeks of miserable weather, so last weekend when the skies were blue I went for a walk along Bexhill seafront with my family. It was a truly beautiful day, barely any wind and some warmth in the sun. It was almost like a spring day. I think the seemly unending rain and wind we’ve experienced recently helped to emphasise how nice it was.

The tide was out so after a walk along the promenade we went down to the water’s edge to throw some pebbles in, and write our names in the sand. The low tide reveals the sandy beach and you can see how the groynes help to slow down the east – west movement of longshore drift.

As we walked back down the beach, I noticed the reflections of the flats in the wet sand. I thought it would make a good shot. As a bonus the moon was rising over Bexhill, adding to the scene. I took more photos of the moon of course, but they are for another blog post.

We ended our stroll along Bexhill seafront by finally giving in to my daughter’s regular requests for an ice cream. We sat on a bench facing the sea whilst she ate it. It was a good way to end our walk.

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