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Ghosts of Breeds Place, Hastings

Ghosts of Breeds Place

If you drive or walk along Hastings seafront from the old town to the new, you can’t help but notice the change in architecture immediately after Pelham Crescent. There are two 70’s office block monstrosities. One of them is Aquila House and the other Cavendish House, sited in an area known as Breeds Place. The change is particularly jarring as Pelham Crescent, with its fine town houses and classically inspired church, is one of the distinctive landmarks in Hastings.

The composite image above overlays how the area looked in around 1920 with how it looks now.

As you can see the buildings that once formed Breeds Place were far more in keeping with the rest of the seafront. They were demolished in the 1970 and replaced by these fine examples of brutalist architecture. I supposed it’s easy to look back and wonder at the madness of the council’s decision to put such buildings up. This type of architecture was in its heyday then though, cheap and long-lasting. Still, they are an eyesore.

The original photo was found on the West Marina to Hastings Pier Facebook page. The two original images are below.Breeds Place

Breeds Place

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  1. purpleyaks avatar

    It is shocking to see what those lovely Georgian terraces were replaced by – but it was happeing all over the town. Perhaps you could find a photo of the beautiful Castle Hotel in Wellington Square – which was demolished and replaced by the concrete box Poundstretcher trades in?

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