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Ghosts of Battle Road, St Leonards

Battle Road, St Leonards

This was taken in Battle Road, St Leonards just up from the pedestrian crossing. When I saw the original image, whilst browsing the Hastings Forum Old Buildings and Streets pages. the scene seemed familiar, but I couldn’t quite work out exactly where it was taken from. It was the buildings that confused me. The only thing left over from the time this photo was taken in the brickwork gate where the shorter of the two boys are standing on the right. Everything else has gone.

I can’t find out what what happened to the cottages, although it appears that three bombs hit nearby during WW2. In addition, when you look at the road layout depicted in that map, with the road layout today there has been a considerable change. Perhaps these buildings were simply victims of redevelopment and improvement of the road system.

The tram service only extended up Battle Road a little further than shown here. This particular tram would take you to Silverhill, St Helens (Cemetery) and Ore. The tram lines were removed after 1927, to be replaced by trolley buses. The entire overhead power system was finally dismantled in 1959 and replaced by motorised buses.

The two photos I’ve used for the image above are shown below. You can view the top image larger size on my Flickr page by clicking  on it.

Battle Road

Battle Road



3 responses to “Ghosts of Battle Road, St Leonards”

  1. Chris Giles avatar
    Chris Giles

    What happened was the council decided to bulldoze the whole lot due to slum clearance in the 1960’s,,,ripped the heart out of hollington…

    1. Compelling Photography avatar

      Thanks Chris. It seems there were a lot of poor decisions made by our council during that time!

  2. Mark Bartlett avatar

    Oh man. I just stumbled on to this page and wondering if anyone can help me. I grew up on Perth Rd from 1979 – 2001, before leaving my home town (which I miss) to move to Scotland. I have spent the last year or so, occassionally trying to source a pic of an old sweet shop i used to use as a kid. The shop was located between the Ruby chinese (which is still open) and sweeny todds (which is also still open). I seem to remember the shop being callled ‘one penny two penny’, but I might be wrong. It was opposite the old co-op by the zebra crossing. Maybe someone can help, coz i have tried and found every other shop from the time, including the butcher / green grocer etc, but no the shop im after. Anyway, hoping someone can help. Also any old pics of the old Police station at the bottom of Perth Rd or the legendary sweet factory that always smelt amazing when you walked passed it, behind the kids library.



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