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Ghosts of the Hastings Seafront Bandstand

Hastings Seafront BandstandThe image above shows where the Hastings seafront bandstand used to be. There isn’t much information about it on the internet, but it was definitely there in 1902 and probably was a victim to Sidney Little’s renovation of the seafront.

The area is part of what used to be White Rock Baths. Built in 1870 as a spa and Turkish baths, Sidney Little expanded its use to incorporate a swimming pool and viewing gallery. In more recent times it became an ice skating and roller skate rink, before closing about 15 years ago.

As recently as 2011 the council put together a valuation report for the baths, stating that whilst in need of major renovation, the overall structure was sound. They assessed it’s rent value at £18k per annum. You can read the full report here. The report suggests the site would be viable for a retail and leisure facility, but stops there.

This excellent image collection by Brian Rybolt shows what the baths are now like inside. The images hint at its former grandeur, but it’s irritating that this asset to the town is going to waste.

Perhaps a Hastings seafront bandstand could be built again. There are few beach side facilities at this end of town, and when the Pier reopens pedestrian numbers should increase rapidly. Although old fashioned, the bandstand in the park is still popular, as is the one on Eastbourne’s seafront…

The two photos used to create the image above are below. The original image was found on the East Sussex Libraries Flickr page here.

Hastings seafront bandstand

Hastings seafront bandstand

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