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by Compelling Photography on August 3, 2014

ChartwellChartwell in Kent is best known as Winston Churchill’s house. It has also been described as an example of ‘Victorian architecture at its least attractive, a ponderous country mansion of tile-hung gables and poky oriel windows’. It was described as such in 1992 by the National Trust who now own and manage the property. The National Trust website now says Chartwell is “the much-loved Churchill family home and the place from which Sir Winston drew inspiration from 1924 until the end of his life”. That’s a much nicer description, and much more accurate.


Churchill loved the place, but even he was unable to meet the costs of maintaining it. A group of his friends purchased the estate and allowed the Churchills to live there for a nominal rent after the war. As you can see, it is a beautiful place to walk around. The house has been set up to relate the story of Winston’s long and interesting life. It’s well worth a visit if you are interested in the man.


These images of Chartwell can be viewed larger size on Flickr by clicking on them.

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