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Cloud Burst near Rye Harbour

Cloud Burst near Rye HarbourWhilst vital to life and all that, rain is usually an inconvenience to a nice walk. Especially the drenching showers that have been moving across East Sussex over the last week or so. Take this cloud burst near Rye Harbour. It was just passing as I pulled up in the car park. Soaking wet walkers were coming back to their cars, tee shirts and shorts plastered to their chilled skin. The only happy creatures were the dogs.

It could have been me had I arrived an hour earlier. Fortune was on my side and the weather brightened up as I walked with my daughter towards the beach. Half way down the sun came out and highlighted the now distant rain shower. Like all bad weather, it’s great to see it from afar but not get caught up in.

You can view this image of a cloud burst near Rye Harbour.

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  1. Ro Pelling avatar
    Ro Pelling

    love this! Spectacular………..

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