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Fading Beauty?

Fading Beauty - Marine Court

From a distance Marine Court remains an impressive sight, a bright white beacon in the summer sun. Like most works of art, being viewed from afar is the best way to appreciate what the artist intended. Up close it’s a different story and Marine Court appears to be a fading beauty. It cannot easy for the owners of the building to keep it looking pristine. Sited by the beach, it takes the punishment of wind and corrosive sea spray regularly. The good news is that work is being done to restore this grade II listed building, funded in part by the shocking £5k a year service charge paid by the residents.

At the moment though I can’t help but be reminded of how the Costa Concordia looked when it was raised from the seabed. At least Marine Court won’t be towed away for scrapping. We can look forward to it being restored to its former glory.

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  1. Jim Breeds avatar

    I noticed what a bad state she is in when I went past last month. Glad it is to be freshened up.

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