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Silent Drama at Pett Level

Silent Drama above Pett Level

I’ve posted about Pett Level more than once on this blog, but why not when it’s such a photographic place. All these summer showers we have been getting have been providing us with some great skies. Pett Level provides lovely views across Rye Bay and the visibility was excellent on the day these photos were taken. Even the White Cliffs near Folkestone were visible.

There was little wind and, although the beach was fairly busy, it was quiet. The missing sound was that of the waves on the shingle beach. The low roar of the splash and grind that provides the usual soundtrack to a visit to the beach. Voices of people on the beach could be heard, but were distant and unobtrusive. Occasionally a common tern would fly over singing its distinctive call.

Silent Drama above Pett LevelGreat formations of clouds moved slowly across the sky. With the unusually quiet atmosphere, they seemed out of place. Almost like watching a film with the sound turned off. So this was Pett Level beach, providing silent drama for me to enjoy.

These photographs can be viewed full size on my Flickr page by clicking on them.

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