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Welsh Borderers at 23 Bexhill Road

Bexhill RoadThis image shows a number of soldiers from the Welsh Borderers and the family of Mrs Clark who were resident at 23 Bexhill Road in March 1915. I liked this image because of the business that runs from the building now. These days we can choose to eat food from all corners of the world. In 1915 this would have been unthinkable. Yet World War 1 was the beginning of profound changes to society and world order that have led us to the society that we have today.

The first known Chinese restaurant opened in London during 1907. There may well have been earlier ones that served the Chinese communities in Liverpool and London that had been growing since the early 1800’s. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the number of foreign restaurants really started to increase, with the biggest growth being during the 80’s and 90’s. The British spent about £7 billion on eating out in 1981. By 2006 this spending had increased to about £31 billion.

The two photographs used to create the image are below. You can view the top image full size on my Flickr page by clicking on it.

This image is part of a series of Then and Now images I’ve created for East Sussex Council’s World War 1 commemoration website. The website is focussed on the contribution that the men and women of East Sussex made towards the war effort.

Welsh Borderers

Bexhill Road

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