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The Flooding River Brede

Flooding River BredeThese two photos showing the flooding River Brede were taken from the road bridge. We haven’t had the persistent rain this winter that we experienced last year. Instead we seem to have received lots of rain in a short period of time. I took these on Wednesday 14th January. The next day I passed the same way and the river levels were even higher, so high that the road on the Brede side of the bridge was at least 6 inches underwater. My little car just about made it through, but was making steam as the water splashed against the hot parts of the engine.

I would have stopped to take some more photos, but it was tipping down with rain. And I didn’t fancy getting my feet wet.

These two photos of the flooding River Brede are best viewed on my Flickr Page, which can be done by clicking on the images.

Flooding River Brede


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